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Freeing Man to possibility of eternal return. Referring thought is God made Coats for them from animal skin, asked Abraham to sacrafice Issac, instead accepted a ram and after, burning meat incense.

Fundamental reason was that god wanted to reveal himself to humans. And the best way was for all these simingly failures to take place so that god can reveal himself. Reveal his attributes to correct to save and perfection. Example and experience are the best teachers. And the people that died between failures??

The mortality rate for him to reveal himself to man is too high. Why bother creating man to be subject to suffering for his own selfish interest??.


Christian here. One who teaches the bible no less. You have posed the ultimate dilemma.

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Heres one even harder. Then had she rejected his word, ok. Theres free will. But he seemed to have sat off in silence and watched it all play out as a clearly far more intellegent and totally unanticipated influence seduced her and then God showed up to judge everybody. So what was the power to do good in that scenario and why not just start over? You can set those two aside and even forgive them. Then make a new race and start over and do a little better preparing them for the test right.

Heres the even harder question. Do you seriously think you are the first person in history to have the critical thinking skills to formulate these challenges? Some pretty brilliant minds have become Christians and died that way in the face of persecution even. But theres another factor you are missing. What if they experiencd something so revolutionary in thier life that it made all these questions moot?

Is that possible? I mean Paul the Apostle was anti-christian until he was not. Lee Strobel was anti Christian intellectual until he became a christian and not only a Christian but one of the leading voics for defending the faith.

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Josh McDowell was an anti Christian intellectual until he became convinced. These people asked lal these question yet were converted and went from being anti christian warriors to anti skeptic warriors for thier belief.

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That deserves some explaining too dont you think? But my point is that they were never actually anti-Christian either. Second, okay there are some very smart people who also happen to be Christian. So what? The same can be said for Muslims too, does that mean that Islam is also true? There are some great skeptical questions here and you say that these guys are aware of these questions and yet are still Christians.

Okay, how have they responded to these questions and do their responses adequately answer them? Then maybe the Muslim God became Christian?

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  8. Or he was originally Christian then became Catholic or Muslim or vice versa ect. Either way God is God so whatever he chooses is his decision. I also hate the stupid fucking Afrocentric Hebrew Israelite jackasses who think they are so chosen their dumb fuck God would kill them in a heartbeat and laugh at all the dead bodies just like he does with black children every single day. Also what makes you fucking idiots think America is a Christian nation? Have you really gone that far into stupidity?

    Soon enough you fuckers are gonna lose your privileges though so get ready for it! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Latest Staying Relevant in Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad. Even according to the bible Original Sin is bonkers.

    When gods fail

    Read your book. What does it matter obviously god gets off on human suffering. What a lie.

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    He gets off on the suffering of men who do evil perphaps? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. At least in the world So will Tom find peace?

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    When God’s Anointed Fail

    At age 10 moved to the States all over and currently live in Seattle with my wife. Oh, it doesn't really end there, but that should be good for now. Since some people tend to ask: yes I served in the US Army. I like to think that my writing has been influenced by I read and I write. What else to say? Enjoy For more look me up at: twitter: nlowhim Medium: medium.

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