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The song has been described a "club anthem" by several critics [ who? Lewis Corner from Digital Spy gave a positive review for the song, describing it as "more than ready for the dancefloor with dancehall vibes, bouncy beats and an infectious chorus that's enough to take over the whole of your body. Before being released as the second single the song debuted at number 62 on the UK Singles Chart on 25 November In Ireland, the song hit the top 10 at number nine on 6 January [17] and peaked at number five the following week.

The video was directed by Director X and Paris Goebel. The video takes place at a colourful maze, where the girls perform choreography with their male dancers. Zoe Briggs from OK! However, after being labelled as one of their sexiest music videos yet, Perrie Edwards has continued to cause controversy with her fashion choices.

It's a tough job, eh girls? The band started off by performing the intro of the acoustic version of the song before switching to the original version of the song for the chorus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hanni Ibrahim Patrick Patrikios A. Govere Phil Plested.

MNEK Cottone. Archived from the original on 10 December Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 17 December Digital Spy. United Kingdom: Hearst Corporation. Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 8 September Renowned For Sound. Retrieved 4 February UK Official Charts Company.

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Retrieved 25 November Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 30 December Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 13 January Official Charts Company Ireland. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 20 January Daily Star. Retrieved 11 December Huffington Post. Retrieved 27 March Retrieved 11 February Ultratop Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 31 January Retrieved 2 May Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 28 January Please don't touch any of my stuff while I'm away.

Damaging and spoiling. They didn't touch any of the food we left for them. Abstaining and refraining. Tragedy touched their lives when their son was The TV report about the children's work for charity touched thousands of people's hearts. Making people sad, shocked and upset. There's no one to touch him as an illustrator of children's books. Worse and worst. Idioms touch base. Phrasal verbs touch down. C2 [ S ] a small amount :.

C2 [ C ] a small addition or detail that makes something better :. The speech had several comic touches. The flowers on the table provided the finishing touch. The weather has turned a touch too cold for my liking. There was so much publicity and hype beforehand , that the performance itself was a touch anticlimactic.

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There was a touch of frost on the hills. Add just a touch of cream to the mixture. His work has a touch of pathos. The gold decoration will add a touch of class. Words meaning small pieces and amounts. Also, extra, and in addition. Some and quite.

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B2 [ U ] the ability to know what something is like by feeling it with the fingers :. I found the right coin in the dark by touch. The material was soft to the touch. Although snakes look slimy their skin is actually dry to the touch. I felt a gentle touch on my arm. I can control the doors at the touch of a switch.

Her skin was icy to the touch. The senses in general.

Trump and Giuliani remain in touch as impeachment drama heats up

B2 [ C usually singular ] a quick , light movement of one thing, especially a hand , onto and off another thing:. I felt a cold touch on my arm. B1 to communicate or continue to communicate with someone by using a phone or writing to them:. Are you still in touch with any of your old school friends? Jen and I never kept in touch after college.

Rudy Giuliani and Trump remain in touch as impeachment drama heats up - CNNPolitics

We're in close touch with our office in Spain. Is she still in touch with her ex? Many therapists think it's important for adults to get in touch with their inner child. The police put me in touch with Victim Support. The president responded angrily to the charge that she had lost touch with her country's people. B2 to stop communicating with someone, usually because they do not live near you now:.

We lost touch over the years. He has a deft touch with tricky painting jobs. He used to be a good writer but I think he's losing his touch. Skill, talent and ability. Nicolas Anelka squandered the chance to score when his touch let him down in front of goal. Hazard took several touches before crossing. Playing for safety , he kicked the ball into touch. See also touchline UK. Surfaces on which sports take place. He's not really in touch with what young people are interested in.

I didn't see any news all the time I was on holiday , so I'm completely out of touch. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Unaware. Your kindness has touched my family. Idioms touch base with someone. He seems to be losing his touch at poker.

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The flowers were a nice touch. There was a touch of regret in her voice. I had a touch of flu yesterday. Idioms in touch with someone. As a hard worker , no one can touch him.