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Shop Indie eBooks. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 5. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview For centuries mysterious aliens have taken specimens of animals, plants and people to Isis, an earth like planet in another galaxy.

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It becomes urgent as global warming is ending life on earth and the supply of new specimens. Among the last of the transplants are three men and a woman who arrive together and form a bond of friendship. They begin their new lives in the struggling civilization and discover earlier arrivals have created humanoid robots to perform many tasks that would be done by real people.

Original Fiction

The most advanced humanoid is Anita, a prototype all-purpose surrogate woman. She must learn to satisfy the needs of the men of Isis. Real women are needed to populate the planet but some seek alternative ways to satisfy their sexuality. Join in the exploits and sexploits of the friends as they struggle to live on ISIS. Product Details About the Author. About the Author I grew up in a typical southern Ontario city when it was considered normal for a kid to roam anywhere anytime without fear or concern for their safety. It was unusual to lock the doors of our homes in those times even though there were horrible wars across the oceans.

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They are from a different planet and are a very different Race altogether. Discover what transpires when they meet with Tina. Published: December 12, Returning to the same masseur he had visited previously, Eric is treated to further soothing that encompasses a lot more than simply massaging muscles. Words: 3, Published: November 24, At the request of a friend, Tara and Grace visit the country farm of Andrea who has had to go away for the weekend. The two women are tasked with looking after the pack of dogs that have been rescued from an animal shelter but they do more than feed the animals.

Words: 6, Published: November 12, Desiring to delve further into sexual territory, Sarah is subjected to further bondage and rough play as new boundaries are pushed whilst Chris is left to explore his own adventures. Published: October 21, Following their lunch time escapes by the pool, the group of women get together one night for a fun filled session of erotic pleasure.

Published: October 10, With her boyfriend out of town with work, Grace is getting hornier by the day. Published: October 4, Published: September 10, This time it is Chris who seeks a new fantasy.

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  • Chris is punished and made to serve other males but how far will the FemDom push him. Published: August 17, Six super models require a weekend of fun and frivolity after a long week of working. Their agent approaches Alex asking if he can assist at such notice. He calls upon his friends from the Foot Long Club and the two parties compete against each other for sexual favours. Published: July 24, Alex is contacted a third time by Aliens but this time it is a different race. Primarily acting as guards for surrounding planets, five Feldoor female warriors entice Alex aboard their starship for pleasure but these Aliens turn out to be far more aggressive.

    Published: July 17, An old female friend is coming from interstate to stay for the weekend. Ron and Carol have often discussed having a third person join them for sexual adventures, will this be the opportunity they have been waiting for? Published: June 13, They were aimed at professional businessmen who were prepared to pay above the odds for discreet meetings and Tom was keen to attend the next meeting.

    The Boy Who Fell To Earth by Kathy Lette

    Published: May 30, Although they ad been happily married for over thirty years, there sex life had become non-existent. Desperate for a direction to take, Murray writes to an online sex therapist who has some suggestions. Which direction would he take? Published: May 15, Feeling tired and sore, Eric decides to have a massage.

    Using the local paper he selects one as it sounded a little different to the mainstream. Little did he know that it would turn out a lot more relaxing than he originally intended. Published: May 12, Whilst on holidays at an interstate beach resort, Barry and Donna meet up with another friendly couple, Steve and Mandy. The two women go to the rooms for a drink and the two men take a spa that leads to male on play, but how far with they go.

    Alle artikelen van Harry May

    Published: April 4, Frustrated with her own lack of sex, Nina watches on only to be discovered. Published: March 7, Despite all her money and litany of lovers, Bridget cannot obtain what she craves and that is an orgasm. Many have tried but all have failed to satisfy the wealthy business woman. She is recommended to try Alex from a fellow Corporate Executive but will he succeed where all others have failed. Published: February 27, After breaking up with her boyfriend Rachel is invited for a weekend away with an old friend Carla. The two women talk openly and relaxed with several alcoholic drinks, they begin touching each others body unsure where it will lead.

    Published: February 6, After being discovered by Liz, the three guys promise to keep the escapes to them selves, but Liz demands more a she tempts her husband Ron into a three with Karen. This provides the opportunity for Tim and Wendy to invite Mike over so that Tim can enjoy some anal play. Published: January 16, Encouraged by Steve, Belinda attends a Master Dom in training session. Subjected to pleasure, pain and humiliation, Belinda is pushed to her limits to satisfy the Master who must prove to a witness that he is ready for the Dom world.

    Published: January 8, With their wives out socializing, three guys get together to watch sports on TV and have a few drinks. After watching a boring game the men decide to watch a porn movie for some excitement that turns into a little more than what was originally planned. Words: 9, Published: December 23, After returning from his second Alien encounter, Alex is hired by a famous movie actress to provide her with the comforts she needs whilst on location.

    This is further enhanced when a long time friend, a leading ballet dancer, joins them for extra fun. To fulfill their latest fantasy, Steve organises a group of older men and a married couple to attend a group session to provide Sarah with longer lasting erotic enjoyment. Published: November 26, A group of six women get together for a poolside lunch that is primarily intended as a full on sex orgy. Inhibitions are forgotten as they indulge each other and when they produce the surprises they brought with them, the activities increase in excitement.

    One in particular is extreme but is anyone willing to even try it? Published: November 19, Tina accompanies him to provide further stimulus as required and once his task is complete, the pair are able to enjoy some personal time that includes Dana, the alien therapist. Published: November 2, How far will she go and will she ever forgive him?

    Published: October 25, After receiving an unsolicited phone call, Alex is invited to join a select group of men who meet on a regular basis. He is able to explore his Bi-sexual desires with a group of extremely well endowed men and a couple of highly sexed females. Published: October 18, Further experiences with other males follows which leads to further explorations and entering new sexual frontiers.

    Eager to explore his first male on male encounter, John discovers a BDSM master who introduces him to the world of restraints, spanking, anal probing and finally male on male sex. Published: July 5, Enticing Chris and Sarah to the next episode, Steve arranges for an explicit exhibitionist display at a hotel bar for the couple as well as a fourth person. They return to a private house to act out their desires and when a waitress from the hotel joins them with her friend, it becomes an all out orgy of sex involving straight and bi activities.

    Language: English.