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To-morrow we shall settle thequestion of your going. In fact, he spoke so sharply that Cargrimfelt distinctly aggrieved; and but for the trained control he kept ofhis temper, might have said something to show Dr Pendle the suspicionshe entertained. However, the time was not yet ripe for him to place allhis cards on the table, for he had not yet conceived a plausible caseagainst the bishop.

He was on the point of pronouncing the name 'Amaru'to see if it would startle Dr Pendle, but remembering his formerfailures when he had introduced the name of 'Jentham' to the bishop'snotice, he was wise enough to hold his tongue. It would not do to arouseDr Pendle's suspicions until he could accuse him plainly of murderingthe man, and could produce evidence to substantiate his accusation. Theevidence Cargrim wished to obtain was that of the cheque butt and thepistol, but as yet he did not see his way how to become possessed ofeither.

Pending doing so, he hid himself in the grass like the snake hewas, ready to strike his unsuspecting benefactor when he could do sowith safety and effect. In accordance with his resolution on this point, Mr Cargrim was meek andtruckling while he was with the bishop, and when Dr Graham was announcedhe sidled out of the library with a bland smile.

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Dr Graham gave him acurt nod in response to his gracious greeting, and closed the doorhimself before he advanced to meet the bishop. Nay, more, so violent washis dislike to good Mr Cargrim, that he made a few remarks about thatapostle before coming to the object of his visit. I do not understand. Butyour meaning of a Jesuitical Rodin? Youshould read that novel if only to arrive by analogy at the truecharacter of your chaplain. Rodin is one of the personages in the book,an d Rodin,' said the doctor decisively, 'is Cargrim!

Michael is an estimable young man. Mr Michael Cargrim is the youngserpent as Satan is the old one. But he serves excellently well for an illustrationof your pet parson. Still, he is not bad enough tobe compared to Satan. You speak too hurriedly, doctor, and, if you willpardon my saying so, too irreligiously. But as tothat young man, he is a bad and dangerous character.

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I am convinced that he is a kind of human mole who worksunderground, and makes mischief in secret ways. If you have a cupboardwith a skeleton, bishop, take care Mr Cargrim doesn't steal the key. Had heknown that the strange visitor was one and the same with the murderedman, he might have spoken still more to the point; but the doctor wasignorant of this and consequently conceived the bishop's secret to bemuch more harmless than it really was. However, his words touched hishost nearly, for Dr Pendle started and grew nervous, and looked sohaggard and worried that Graham continued his speech without giving himtime to make a remark.

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It is about time,' said Graham, grimly,surveying the bishop's wasted face and embarrassed manner. What is the matter with you? I am in my usual health. If you are notwrong in body you are in mind. A man doesn't lose flesh, and colour, andappetite, and self-control for nothing. You want me to cure you. Well, Ican't, unless you show me the root of your trouble. You can't help me. I can't help myself.

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I mustendure my sorrow as best I may. After all, God strengthens the back forthe burden. What the deuce is the good oflaying a too weighty burden on any back, when you've got to strengthenit to bear it? Well, bishop,' he added aloud, 'I have no right to askfor a glimpse of your skeleton. But can I help you in any way? You can help me, Graham, and very materially. What shall I do?

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In common with other people, he was accustomed toconsider Bishop and Mrs Pendle a model couple, who would be as miserableas two separated love-birds if parted. Yet here was the husband askinghis aid to send away the wife on what he admitted was a transparentpretext. For the moment he was nonplussed. God forbid, Graham. The adventure is basically just a nine room dungeon, but the little bits provided before the dungeon description provide a nice little overview of ways to involve the party.

A gang of thugs the bishop uses when he needs people. Corrupt priests. Dead walking in the streets.

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This kind of matches my view on hooks. It also does a pretty good job of painting a picture of an Undead adventure.

Muddy tunnels with water in them. Claw marks here and there. The smell of rot. Weird echoing sounds. It does a good job of providing some atmosphere for the DM to work with. A bowl stained by blood from gory libations. But the first clause is, again, just padding. This is clearly trying, but the organization of the text is far too … loose for me. You have to make an effort, find a highlighter, etc. I choose Pikachu instead. The first few pages of the preview are good examples of what you get … and in fact the entire adventure is there in the preview.

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  • The fourth page onward shows you the adventure and the writing style in the rooms that I think is too loose. I think this is a fair review.

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    Okay, serious question. You could start nearly every sentence that way.


    This way we get mechanisms, motivations, general rules—the sorts of things we need in order to improvise well. RSS - Posts. The link to the product in this review is probably an affiliate link.

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