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Close cart. Risk-Free Exchanges We pay your return shipping. Different L. Crips The crips are a mostly african-american gang who wear the color blue to show their affiliation. Due to the large number of gang members occupying a relatively small area of Los Angeles, the gangs devised a method of identifying one another. This system of identification would allow gang members to avoid assaulting members of different sets who belonged to the same gang. The Crips "identify themselves with the color blue, which is believed to originate form the colors of Washington High School in south Los Angeles.

Crip gangsters wear articles of blue clothing, blue handkerchiefs, shoelaces, hair rollers, hats, belts, or sweatshirts" 8. If one's clothing is ambiguous, gang signs are often used, which is a derivative of sign language for these gangs. Crip members will also replace the letter "b" with the letter "c" when writing certain words. Thus, "coffee" becomes "boffee," "compton" becomes "bompton," and "cat" becomes "bat. The Bloods, in contrast to the Crips, identify themselves with the color red, which is Centennial High School's color high school where the Bloods originated , and unlike the Crips, the Bloods can be seen wearing red clothing such as red bandannas or rags.

Members of the Blood gangs address one another in several ways such as "Blood," "Yo Blood," and "Wuz up blood? Prior to the 's, the Crips and the Bloods had limited active participation in narcotics trafficking. Many of the gang members who became involved in the buying and selling of narcotics came from the inner city areas where poverty and unemployment are a way of life. Gangsters could make anywhere from three hundred to five hundred dollars per day selling crack cocaine. Thus, the money involved was a main component which drew gangsters to this particular line of work. Crips and Bloods control crack cocaine distribution in many cities around the country.

Members of these gangs will migrate to other cities, ascertain the narcotics demand in that city, identify the dealers in the city, and figure out the established operations for narcotic sales. Gang involvement in the drug market has led to an extraordinary amount of violence throughout certain cities due to the members fighting over "profitable narcotics trade" So, as members of the Bloods and Crips migrate to various cities throughout the United States, they bring with th6m the sale of narcotics and the violence associated with it.

Gang members often relocate to other cities based on established family ties within a particular city and the enticement of quick profits from the buying and selling of narcotics.

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The Crips and the Bloods "have migrated throughout the country and are seen in most states and their prison populations. There are literally hundreds of sets or individual gangs under the main Blood and Crip names" Eastern coast-based gangs including People Nation and Folk Nation have become so well known that the Crips and the Bloods have formed allies with them. Bloods have formed an alliance with the People Nation, and the Crips have formed an alliance with the Folk Nation. The Crips and the Bloods began nearly thirty years ago in a small section of Los Angeles, and today, there are over thirty-three states and one hundred twenty-three cities which are occupied by Crips and Bloods gang members. New York City is one of the major cities in the U.