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It also helps congregations be more welcoming and creative, and teaches support staff how to pay attention to people's spiritual needs. Inclusion Handbook: Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves This booklet helps church leaders in welcoming people with disabilities to worship.


Inclusion in a Faith Community This fact sheet gives families ideas on ways to find the right congregation and ensure inclusion for people with disabilities. Intellectual Disability and Faith Communities: Perspective of Catholic Religious Leaders This scholarly paper examines the views of some Catholic leaders on the inclusion of people with disabilities. Jewish Community Guide to the Inclusion of People with Disabilities This guide helps faith communities provide a supportive and inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month Resource Guide This has many practical resources to help Jewish communities become inclusive for people with disabilities.

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Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month: Program Guide This booklet has many practical ideas to help Jewish communities become more inclusive of people with disabilities. Journal of Religion, Disability, and Health This academic, interfaith journal sharing many different ideas about spirituality and disability. This list has books, reports, websites, videos and more. All support the inclusion of people with disabilities in faith communities.

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Low Cost Accommodations For Accessibility in Your Synagogue A list of ways synagogues can become more accessible for people with disabilities. No box to tick This booklet explains the spiritual needs of people with intellectual disabilities. On the Road to Congregational Inclusion: Dimensions of Faith and Congregational Ministries with Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families This guide has many resources helpful to clergy, laypersons, families and service providers.

One family's story of inclusion in religion. This online article is written by a mom whose daughter has multiple disabilities. In it she explains how she helped her daughter become included in Church and Sunday School. It includes six lessons lead by a facilitator and a student notebook. Pictures and interactive options, such as field trips to a funeral home, are included.

Position Statement on Spirituality This statement explains the belief that people with disabilities have the right to worship, or not, how and where they want. Quality in Practice: Spirituality This fact sheet provides tips for how organizations can support people in their spiritual lives.

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Resource Packet on Disability, Spirituality, and Healing This resource packet presents articles, an annotated bibliography, a course syllabus, and handouts on disability and spirituality. Role of spirituality and religion in family quality of life for families of children with disabilities In this scholarly article, the authors looked at how spirituality and religion helped with family quality of life.

Shaped by God Thus book is about how people can build their Christian faith. There is one chapter about helping people who have developmental disabilities. Signs of the Times: Theological Themes in the Changing Forms of Ministries and Spiritual Supports with People with Disabilities This short article was a reflection of how inclusive faith communities were as it was written, and suggested ways they could become more inclusive.

Speaking Out: Gifts of Ministering Undeterred by Disabilities This book is about people with disabilities who are ministers in the Methodist church. Supportive Care in the Congregation: Providing a congregational network of care for persons with significant disabilities This small book outlines a vision for networks of support within faith communities. These networks help people with disabilities and their families.

The Christian Citizen Issue focused on Disability An issue of a christian magazine that contains articles about the inclusion of people with disabilities. The entire issue can be downloaded as a PDF file at no cost. The Church and Disability This book is about the success of churches in including people with disabilities. The author has a very active blog, and these are its highlights over several years.

What Does the Bible Say About Disability?

The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability This journal features articles about inclusion of people with disabilities into faith communities. The Teacher's Gift: Using your Core Gift to Inspire and Heal This book explains how gifts and wounds both help and hinder people's ability to help others. It includes interviews with helpers and their wisdom about gifts and helping. The Year of Our Lord: Faith, Hope and Harmony in the Mississippi Delta This book tells the story of Lucas, a man with cerebral palsy who is an important and valued member of his church.

It has both photographs and text. Tips for Creating a More Inclusive Congregation This tip sheet has ideas about how to make synagogues and other places more accessible and open to those with disabilities. V'khol Banayikh: Jewish Education for All This book describes how people with disablities can best be included in activities around the Jewish faith. Ya Got People: Helping people with developmental disabilities deal with grief, bereavement and loss This book is for those who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have experienced loss.

Disability and Religious Diversity: Cross-Cultural and Interreligious Perspectives

Both authors are people who have disabilities themselves. A Place for All: Faith and Community for Persons with Disabilities This film is about making faith communities accessible to persons with disabilities. Best Man This movie follows Philly 20 years after he moves into a group home. Told by his cousin, Ira Wohl, this movie describes how Philly becomes more independent. It also shares Philly's integration into the Jewish community and religious life at age Church Response to People with Disabilities: 3 Approaches This blog entry talks about three ways that the church sees people with disabilities.

Creating Room In God's House This short video is about people with disabilities being welcomed in faith communities. It aired on PBS.

Religious Diversity (Pluralism)

Disabilities and Faith. Disabled Christianity This blog is about the successes and struggles of churches in respecting and including people with disabilities. Disabled Christianity Blog This website focuses on religion and disability. Faith Communities and Disabilities In July , PBS aired a short segment about the full inclusion of people with disabilities in religious communities. You can watch it online and leave comments. Mayor of the West Side This documentary film tells the coming-of-age story of Mark Puddington, a teenager with multiple disabilities who is a local celebrity in his NYC neighborhood.

Her blog posts are about faith, family and autism. Praying with Lior This documentary film is about a Jewish boy who has Down syndrome. It shows his bar mitzvah, and the influence his deep faith has on others in his congregation. Profession of Faith for People with Intellectual Disabilities blog This blog article is about faith and people with intellectual disabilities. See it! Say it!

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  6. Sign it! Summer Institute on Theology and Disabiltiy and These are audio recordings of an interesting conference. The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's webpage on the inclusion of people with disabilities This webpage offers resources on being inclusive of those with disabilities in the Jewish religion. You can watch it for free on YouTube.

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    Organizations, Programs, and Projects All Are Welcome: A faith inclusion program This project develops resources to help faith communities become more inclusive of people with disabilities. Anabaptist Disabilities Network This national organization helps Anabaptist congregations, families, and persons with disabilities to create inclusive communities. Catholic Charities' Office of Disabilities Ministries This office helps Catholic churches in the area around Erie, Pennsylvania be inclusive of people with disabilities. Christian Learning Center Network This agency helps churches establish inclusive practices.

    Collaborative on Faith and Disability This Collaborative brings together many researchers and others interested in supporting inclusive faith communities. Their website has many free, downloadable resources. Congregational Accessibility Network A network of people and a website with tools to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in faith communities. Faith For All This organization helps faith communities become more inclusive of people with disabilities. Friendship Ministries This organization provides information and new ideas for helping people with disabilities learn about faith and become members of a church.

    Inclusive Innovations for Inclusive Faith Communities This organization helps Jewish faith communities to be inclusive of people with disabilities.