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Book 1 - Dani Phoenix. Transforming The Boss - Jazz Sparks. One pair is made out of the Union Jack The second pair is quartered red and black, in memory of Utopia. The third and vastest pair of bloomers is scarlet, with a target on the seat, centred on the arsehole The Fool in Dutch painting deals in comic obscenity in this manner: as fools can enter where angels fear to tread, and thumb their noses or show their bottoms at convention and authority tomfoolery includes iconoclasm, disrespect, subversion.

source site The Dame became one of Angela Carter's adopted voices a woman speaking through a man disguised as a woman ; this double drag scatters certainty about sexual identity, and calls the idea of fixed identity into question. But it was not always so, and in the broadening of her comedy one can decipher the risks and the difficulties she suffered as a writer. This transformation itself forms part of the larger shift that has taken place in recent times, which has made humour the weapon of the dispossessed, the marginal, the response of the victim who feels Punch's stick, not the manic joy of Mr Punch himself.

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  7. Her humour was of the unsettling variety which makes it necessary to examine one's own received ideas. It was so very impolite, with its particular idiosyncratic feminism, its blend of the irreverent and the Gothic, its dazzling linguistic intricacy and relish for imagery.

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    But it is this humour, its dark and even snaky stabs, that above all produced the shock and unease people felt at her work — which is of course what she — like Sermerssuaq, like the Panto Dame — wanted. But heroic optimism shades into gallows humour. Although laughter breaks the silence and jesting can be provocative, disruptive, anarchic and unsettling, some laughter never unburdens itself from knowledge of its own pessimism; it remains intrinsically ironic.

    DeMille-cum-Busby Berkeley; like the Bard, a presiding presence in the book, Carter has fun at the Queen of the Fairies' expense, but she vividly takes the part of the rude mechanicals, too. Wise Children is another of Bottom's dreams: it literally looks at romance from the angle of those at rock bottom, the Chance sisters, and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, as the donkey proves, against all expectations, that folly has its wisdom too.

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    This notebook includes draft extracts and sketches of characters, as well as notes on Hollywood, Shakespeare, music hall and pantomime. It is uncomfortable to know you are identifying yourself as an outsider by what you say, that all the disguises in the wardrobe will never fix identity, all the voices in the repertory will not tell the complete story. Angela Carter was the most recent and most original of the goose-footed queens, of the riddling, scabrous dames, to put hard questions in the quest of a deeper understanding. From the Beast to the Blonde by Marina Warner. Published by Vintage, A third collection of short stories Fly Away Home came out in Angela Carter: fairy tales, cross-dressing and the mercurial slipperiness of identity.

    Marina Warner explores cross-dressing and the performance of identity in Angela Carter's fairy tale-inspired works. In one of the very last pieces she wrote, she celebrated the British pantomime tradition, its transvestite roles, use of heavy innuendo and bawdy banter about sexual oppositions: The Dame bends over, whips up her crinolines; she has three pairs of knee-length bloomers Share this page. British Library newsletter Sign up to our newsletter Email.