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Books 3 and 4 in the Tale of Shikanoko series. Hachette, As the series title suggests, the story follows Shikanoko Shika throughout his quest to restore the rightful emperor Yoshi to the throne.

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After defeating the Prince Abbot in the first book, Shikanoko retreats to the Darkwood. His deer-mask has become fused to his face until someone who loves him removes it.

Inside No. 9: The Devil Of Christmas review

Years pass and the reign of the imposter emperor continues. No one knows where Yoshi is, and the few that do keep silent. The river-people prove useful in harbouring not just the rightful emperor and Kiyoyori's daughter, Hina, but also, Akihime and Shikanoko's son, Take. But trouble starts when Kiku, one of Lady Tora's sons, grows restless. Merry Christmas!

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Would an entire crew collude in something so horrific? The former was expertly observed. Credit to writers Shearsmith and Pemberton and director Graeme Harper for getting the balance of homage to parody just so. The styling was heightened to the extent we all knew what we were laughing at, but pulled back just before it went full Garth Marenghi.

God's Country or Devil's Playground

The slightly shaky emphasis zooms, the rogue camera straying into the edge of shot, the audible yet ignored sound of somebody banging into something on set… it was a carefully done thing and spot-on as pastiche. The tone of the performances and dialogue was similarly well-handled.

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  • Finally, having Rula Lenksa, whose voice is so redolent of these kinds of upper middle-class teleplays, added yet more verisimilitude. Who better to poke fun at seventies television than one of its stars? Not forgetting the multiple episodes directed by Graeme Harper.

    This lurid tale was packed with treats for TV nerds. The nasty final revelation may not have been sold quite as convincingly as the seventies send-up, but in the moment, it did the job of adding a chill, malevolent edge to a expertly made half-hour.

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