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Multiplication of Planes, Saddles and Spirals App. Symmetry App. Mathematica Contains the Mathematica scripts used for calculating the equations for the figures in this book. Published: Ask Us: Live Chat. Andersson, Sten.

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Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, Add Tag No Tags, Be the first to tag this record! The equation of symmetry is derived, which contains the exponential scale with its functions for solids, the complex exponentials with the nodal surfaces, and the GD Gauss Distribution mathematics with finite periodicity. Piece by piece, the authors have found mathematical functions for the geometrical descriptions of chemical structures and the structure building operations.

Using the mathematics for dilatation; twins, trillings, fourlings and sixlings are made, and using GD mathematics these are made periodic.

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This description of a structure is the nature of mathematics itself. Crystal structures and 3D mathematics are synonyms. Mathematics are used to describe rod packings, Olympic rings and defects in solids.

Biomathematics: Mathematics of Biostructures and Biodynamics

Giant molecules such as cubosomes, the DNA double helix, and certain building blocks in protein structures are also described mathematically. Chapter 4 Periodicity and the Complex Exponential. Chapter 6 Multiplication Nets and Planar Groups. Bellman Ed. American mathematical society. Magar Academic Press. Contributors: D.

Agin [and others] Academic Press. Society for industrial and applied mathematics. Hadeler and S. Levin Springer Verl.

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