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The end of Moran's last friendship. Moran's re-marriage to Rose, which only happens through her careful planning. His son Michael's attempts to escape the restrictions of the family. His daughters' successful escape, through education, employment and marriage. And, through all of this, the persistence of the binding ties of love and family, fraught though they be.

The rural Irish setting is also compelling.

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Open All Close All. Bibliography CDC. HIV risk behaviors. He is now a widower with three daughters and two sons. They live in a house called "Great Meadow" on a small farm in the west of Ireland. He thinks that his time in the IRA was the best of his life, and misses the security provided by the military's structure, rules, and clear demarcation of power. In his old age, however, he is bitter about the "small-minded gangsters" that are now in charge of the Republic of Ireland. For example, he refuses his soldier's pension because he feels that the government has betrayed the ideals that he fought for in his youth.

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He transfers the violent nature that served him well in battle to his dealings with his family. Moran's controlling nature is shown from the very first flashback narrative. On a past Monaghan Day , Moran petulantly refuses to yield to McQuaid's authority, "an authority that had outgrown" his own. McQuaid leaves abruptly and ends their long friendship. Through his influence, the outside world is kept at an "iron distance", and the family unite against it.

Amongst Women Summary & Study Guide

Moran marries a local woman called Rose Brady when his children are teenagers. Rose is in middle-age when she marries Moran.

Despite her mother's warning that he is "one sort of person when he's out in the open among people — he can be very sweet — but that he's a different sort of person altogether behind the walls of his own house," she is determined to marry him. She becomes a mother to the children and is their mainstay. For example, she helps Maggie to leave for London to become a nurse. She often alleviates the disputes between Moran and the children.

She is quietly tolerant of Moran's mood swings, even when he verbally abuses her. Moran's personality becomes apparent in his dealings with his family, who all love and respect him despite his violent outbursts and his lack of apologies. His family are actually "inordinately grateful for the slightest good will.


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For example, on his wedding day he is content because "he needed this quality of attention to be fixed upon him in order to be completely silent. He is a devout Catholic and makes sure that his family upholds all the values he fought for. He recites the Rosary daily, looking for religious help for his inner turmoil and the complications of his daily life. His violent nature stems from traumas he received as a guerrilla fighter in his youth.

However, he thinks that the war was the best part of his life, because "things were never so simple and clear again. He feels that he is losing his position as the centre of attention as he ages and the children start to escape from Great Meadow. He demands help and attention at inappropriate times as a way of focusing the others on his needs.

Although he is mostly calm with his daughters, he is threatened by his sons as they grow up.

Luke, the older son, leaves for London because of his father's overbearing authority and only returns once. Thoughts of Luke are painful to Moran, and the others refrain from mentioning him. Michael, the youngest child, hides behind Rose until he gains the courage to leave also. The only way that the children can assert any autonomy is through exile, thus tacitly rebuking Moran's ethos of family solidarity. Moran dominates his daughter's lives and they regularly return to the family home despite their own busy lives.