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The pastors have also had little access to their families, who were only permitted to visit them in the high-security Kober Prison after they had been held for six months. Defence lawyer himself arrested day before he was due in court, with church pastor. On 1 July, Mohaned Mustafa — one of the lawyers representing Michael and Yen, together with the Evangelical Bahri Church pastor Hafez — was briefly detained when challenging a government employee who was overseeing the destruction of parts of the Bahri evangelical church complex.

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The employee was attempting to destroy a part of the complex that was not within the government order for destruction. It is still not known when the case against the two lawyers will be brought to court. This is not the first time the Sudanese government has attempted to clamp down on the Evangelical Church of Khartoum. On December 2, , the church was raided by handfuls of police officers, who arrived in six patrol cars. They beat a number of peaceful sit-in demonstrators with pipes and water sticks and arrested 38 eight members of the church.

The charges were dropped against the remaining 18 individuals. The sit-in demonstrations were prompted by a corruption scandal, including the sale of church land to investors. In , the Evangelical Church of Khartoum in Bahri elected a Community Council to control the administration, assets, and investments of the church. The Community Council was plagued by accusations of corruption. The church attempted to resolve the conflict with the church's General Assembly electing a new Community Council. But the previous Council refused to recognise the new Council and hand over institutional documents.

The government of Sudan intervened on 28 April, and re-appointed several members of the old Community Council. Despite not having an official mandate to sell church properties or engage in investment on behalf of the church, these members sold a substantial amount of property. Yat Michael was arrested after preaching at this church two weeks after the police raid and partial demolition of the church.

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During his sermon, he condemned the controversial sale of the church land and property, and the treatment of Christians in Sudan. The arrest, incarceration and extended trial of Michael and Yen illustrates the pressure Christians face in the Muslim-dominated region. Credo che questo sia importante.

La firmerai anche tu? Why seham elmasna3. Please listen to this song I wrote it really made me cry I wanna know if anyone like it? Oh well. This song I wrote about Jesus and his love for us. I just wanna know if anyone likes this song and things i Sembra che questo messaggio ti chieda di rispondere fornendo la tua password.

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Might have found something? In the weekend, before the fall, some workers have did maintenance work on buildings, removing all light electricity , turning off all security systems, including cameras. What did those workers, really?

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In addition to security system, is could mount something else? Maybe a plan? You have forgone an eternal happiness with God, your lover and parent! You have forgone an eternal happiness with God, ie, your lover and parent! You claim the holidays, including Easter? I love your funeral: in Jesus's name! I saw a drum of sulfuric acid that called you? Look into the work of Benjamin Fulford who exposes this..