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The presets correspond with the sounds used in the production kits and midi files. Welcome to Childish Vibes! Paying homage to the unique talent that is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Packed full of quirky synth motifs, hard knocking drums, gritty bass lines, airy pads and dusty keys, our latest pack gives urban producers brand new content to chop and edit to your hearts desire - all oozing with his signature sound.

Welcome to Disco House Grooves! A colorful fusion of smooth nu disco vibes mixed with groove soaked melodic house.

Figure 6.1. If a car crashes into a tree but doesn’t make a sound, a silence caption may be needed.

Expect funked up guitar licks, big analog synths, crisp drums and rich deep bass lines. Disco House Grooves distills the current sound of contemporary Nu Disco in one stunning package ready to inspire your next studio session. Samplestar are very proud to present Lofi Downtempo Grooves! A kaleidoscope of vinyl inspired drums, lofi vintage synth chords and lush organic melodic elements all add up to make a truly flexible cross genre production pack. Deep urban beats meet with silky soulful melodics all oozing with contemporary melancholic charm.

Chapter 6: Captioned silences and ambient sounds

Expect blissed out dreamy chords, deep basslines, hazy vocals, dark expansive drums and much more… Inside each key labeled kit you will find all content neatly arranged into individual track stems ready to drag and drop into your chosen DAW. Samplestar are very proud to present Funked Up Nu Disko! Nu Disco melodics meet funk fueled vibes in this groove drenched genre fusion. Samplestar are very proud to present Atmospheric Downtempo Beats! Also included is a selection of accompanying drum loops featuring crispy snares, deep analog kicks and lofi percs and hats.

Samplestar are very proud to present Future Bass ! Five huge fresh sounding production kits containing all the essential key ingredients needed to cook up your next future bass banger! Blending heavy pulsating bass with shimmering mainstream melodics, Future Bass is perfect production partner for producers looking for sublime crossover material for both the club and radio. Contemporary Crossover Urban Pop. Welcome to Pop Colors!

A vibrant and creative take on current pop trends with a twist. A unique production pack for producers looking for forward thinking melodies and sounds to help craft edgy melodic pop with mass crossover appeal. Boasting a colorful palette of sounds including fresh guitar loops, lush chord structures, inspiring piano motifs and expansive drum patterns.

All the key ingredients are included to make your urban pop visions come to life in the studio. Samplestar are very proud to present Future Soul Pop! Blissful future soul chord progressions meet with pop aesthetics in this superb production pack.

Featuring dreamy pianos, shimmering synths, expansive drums and much more! Samplestar are very proud to present Main Room Tech House! Harnessing the international sound of jackin tech house, get ready for serious dance-floor destruction with five premium production kits containing all the key ingredients and building blocks for your next tech house smash!


Samplestar are very proud to present Quirky Pop Vibes! Inspired by artists like Sigrid, Astrid S and Aurora, Quirky Pop Vibes aims to deliver chart worthy content for producers looking for royalty free melodic crossover material. Samplestar are very proud to present Trap Fusion! Hard hitting trap beats meet with expressive lush future soul melodies in this unique crossover fusion of raw vs sweet.

A forward thinking production kit for contemporary urban producers looking to push the limits of creativity, and craft their very own unique soundscapes. Samplestar are very proud to present Instrumental HipHop Beats. Samplestar are very proud to present Abstrakt Atmospheric Hip Hop! Slo-mo vintage hip hop grooves meet with modern production elements in this smooth blend of retro meets new. Samplestar are very proud to present Hexagon Future House. Inside the inspiration kits you will find high impacts drums, intense synth lines, epic chord progressions and ground shaking basslines all ready for dance floor devastation.

Samplestar are very proud to present Galantix. Expect everything from huge piano hooks and catchy vocal chops right through to powerful drum stems and pulsating basslines. An uplifting fusion of deep, tropical and melodic house, featuring radio friendly piano hooks complimented beautifully with lush sax riffs. A stellar pack for producers looking to inject some feel-good melodic vibes into their productions.

Get that slick pro-sound straight out of the box and take your productions to the next level!

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Samplestar are very proud to present Trap Trax. Containing 5 huge hard hitting trap inspiration kits, Trap Trax gives you all the essential ingredients for next trap banger! Samplestar are very proud to present Gorillas - The Tribute Pack! Using a selection of of both modern and vintage gear from Samplestar studios - expect to hear everything from retro lofi drum computers right through to lush jupiter pads and deep basslines.

Samplestar are very proud to present Future Pop Bytes. Future Bass rhythms meets pop music! An indispensable collection of production tools bursting with chart ready, radio friendly hooks and melodic content. Inside the 5 huge track starter kits you will find lush chord progressions, catchy synth motifs, big basses and ear-worm vocal chops!

Samplestar are very proud to present Future Bass Melodik!

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Featuring 6 huge inspiration kits packed full of infectious melodic content supplemented perfectly with our corresponding preset patches. Please see the version numbers below for minimum software requirements. Capture the melodic atmosphere of mainstream contemporary Hip Hop and RnB. A stunning pack for urban producers looking for expansive drums, evocative synths, powerful chords, vocal chops and lots more all ready for instant studio inspiration.

Samplestar are very proud to present Pool Side Summer Anthems ! An uplifting feel-good production pack that perfectly captures the mood of the season. Pool Side Summer Anthems provides producers with the perfect building blocks for making tracks which are ready to tear up the club and the radio airwaves. Studio time!

Samplestar proudly presents Melodique Deep House. From the Ibiza terraces to the London rooftops, Melodique Deep House aims to encapsulate the musical and emotive side of modern deep house. Packed full with brooding synthlines, uplifting chord progressions and warm rich basslines, we strive to deliver quality production tools ready for you to put your own unique stamp on.

Samplestar are very proud to present Funked Up Summer Pop! Looking for feel good, funky summer vibes in a sample pack? Get ready to produce your next summer banger with this essential fusion of sun drenched funk and contemporary pop. Featuring everything from classic Nile Rodgers -esque guitar licks through to Bruno Mars inspired 80s Minneapolis electro-funk, Funked Up Summer Pop delivers the essential tools for producers looking to inject some up beat summer love into their tracks.

Samplestar return with the follow up to the hugely popular Indie Dance Anthems! Curated in an analogue heavy studio, we have once again delved deep into our vintage synth collection to deliver a stunning library of classic keys and synths, deep basses, glistening leads and lush organic pads. While suitable for a broad range of musical genres this library will be especially useful for media composers within the Games, Film, TV and Radio advertising industry. Perfect for both intermediate and more advanced producers, these kits are a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas.

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Samplestar are very proud to present Melodik Pop! Rise above this noise with this stunningly crafted production pack focusing on contemporary crossover urban pop. Packed full with booming kicks, phat bass lines, popping snares and shimmering synths motifs. Samplestar proudly presents Abstrakt House Dimensions. One for the house heads!

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  4. Classic meets current in a stunning palette of forward thinking house production tools. Featuring lush analog synthesis beautifully blended with crisp retrospective drum programming for a cohesive mix of timeless and new sounds ready for further exploration. Samplestar are very proud to present Lofi Urban Fragments! A superb collection of gritty, fresh and melodic lofi sounds tailored towards forward thinking urban producers looking for quirky and inspirational writing material.

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